Our Story

 We're a team of Boston based foodies, industry kids,  and tech veterans who were hungry for a smarter, easier way to order delivery. Sick of the quantity-over-quality options that have flooded the internet, we decided to streamline the whole process. Why not deliver people meals custom selected based on their tastes and preferences, that also fell in line with the hot restaurants and trends in their neighborhood? 


Our Team

Meghan Lowell

Chief Food Officer

Growing up in a tiny midwestern town that didn't have any delivery (seriously, not even a pizza chain would drive that far out), moving to the big city of Boston opened up a whole new culinary world. With 8+ years in the industry, restaurants are in my bones. Some time in Culinary publishing refined my palate from tater tot hot dish to poutines (they aren't that different, but don't tell New Englanders...), and time in tech made me hungry to innovate. 

I'm in the kitchen pairing you up with your next perfect meal. We were even able to help Mr Indecisive Food Orderer Guy, who if I do say so myself is our cutest customer...not that I play favorites.