Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. It's different, and you've got questions! Here are some of the common questions our eaters have asked before. 

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But I'm allergic to all the things...? 

We gotchu. We'll stear you towards dishes that don't have allergens in them, and our restaurant partners will work with us to make sure your food is prepared deliciously and safely. 


Ok so I'm not allergic I'm just picky. 

The Palate Profile is comprehensive; you'll have a chance to tell us all of the things that you don't like. Have trust issues? That's ok too! Try our "My Approval" feature; where we'll prep the suggestion, and show you what we'd like to order you before making anything official. This way, there's no surprises. 


How even does this work?

Our Palate Profile is the DNA of what makes MyMeal Guru work. We worked hard to make this quiz exhaustive, without being exhausting. We've consulted with chefs, restauranteurs, and food scientests about how to make recommendations based on key questions. 

The short of it? SCIENCE. 

Want to know more about the process? Check out *** INSERT LINK TO PAGE ON HOW IT WORKS***


Will this cost all of the dollars? 

Sometimes you're ballin on a budget. We've worked hard with all of our restaurant partners to make sure we're delivering you delicious food that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We do everything we can to stay in the realm of any other delivery service, better than restaurant direct delivery fees, and often work with restaurants that aren't available through either. 


Still got questions?

Request a meal consultation and we'll be happy to answer any other questions or curiosities you've got!