When you can't decide what food to order, don't starve! Trust MyMeal Guru's distinct blend of our Palate Profile algorithm unique to you, and insider knowledge about the dishes and restaurants trending in your area to pick you the perfect dish and deliver it to you before you perish. 


Wait, how does this thing work? 

Here's the step-by-step the guru will take you through to dish you up something delicious
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1. Fill out a Palate Profile

Take our super fun and FREE quiz so we can learn your likes, dislikes, and better currate the dishes we'll send to you when you can't decide on food to order! We'll ask you for things like allergies, how hungry you usually are, how hot you like it, and so much more so we can send you meals you'll love. It's basically a fingerprint of your tastebudsNew Call-to-action

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2. Follow along with us

We'll be blogging, tweeting, gramming and otherwise posting about our favorite things going on in the food world. Read about a dish, restaurant, or trend you're dying to try? Pin it to your profile and we'll put it on your wish list!
I am so lazy and indecisive and now I don't even have to think about staying on top of food and restaurant trends. yay. 

Meghan Lowell HubSpot, inc.

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can't decide on food to order
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3. Ok, I'm hungry now...

When you're hungry and can't decide on food to order, you know where to come. We'll use the data from your palate profile and what's going on in the food scene, and get a new and exciting meal to your door, with some fun info about how we chose it just for you.

*Pro Tip: Use our Plan Ahead  feature for those "mornings" (more like 1pm...) when the hair of the dog might just be pancakes. Tell us what time you'll need brunch or you'll probably die, and we'll get it to you. Scout's honor.

When you can't decide on food to order, in your darkest hour, we've got you.

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4. Tell us how we did!

We'll send you a brief follow up afte your meal to see how we did. This follow up will help evolve your Palate Profile, so the next time you can't decide on food to order, we'll know your tastes even better.
MyMeal Guru has saved our friendship. We used to fight for hours about what food to order and no one could decide, until we gave up and ate plain crackers. Now we each have a palate profile and the Guru orders us each the perfect thing without a second thought. 

Tanq and Lucky

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can't decide on food to order